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Welcome to the Trading with Venus podcast, where we help you establish strong trading habits, generate consistent profits and create the lifestyle you desire for yourself and your family.

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Raman Gill May 12th, 2017

Episode 50- Interview with Lisa Campbell

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Lisa Campbell is the CEO and founder of the Investor Conference (UK), the organizers of the London Investor Show. Having spent most of her life speaking and lis...

Raman Gill May 4th, 2017

Episode 49- Why Most People Fail When Going From Demo To Live Account

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One thing I come across very often is when beginner traders achieve success in their demo accounts and decide to switch to a live account, for some reason they ...

Raman Gill April 29th, 2017

Episode 48- Interview With Hugh Kimura

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Hugh Kimura is the founder of and strict believer of self-education. He founded his website to document his journey to become a full-time ...

Raman Gill April 20th, 2017

Episode 47- How To Get Past Self Sabotage

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Have you ever found yourself engaging behaviours that completely derail your goals? I am talking to you today about how you can identify these behaviours and le...

Raman Gill March 17th, 2017

Episode 46- Interview With George Hallmey

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  George Hallmey has been trading professionally for over 12 years and specializes in Forex, and commodities. Trading since the late 70’s, George has...

Raman Gill December 9th, 2016

Episode 45- Interview With Mike Hamilton

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Mike Hamilton started his career in the insurance industry and within a year had the Lloyd’s ticket and was trading multimillion layers of indemnity insu...

Raman Gill November 17th, 2016

Episode 44- Interview With Etienne Crete

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Etienne Crete is a full-time trader who was sick of the get-rich-quick schemes and fake millionaires and decided to create a safe place where aspiring traders c...

Raman Gill November 10th, 2016

Episode 43- Time For A Break

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Sometimes powering through isn’t the most effective way to be profitable. When you are trading, the concept of taking a break at certain times can help yo...

Raman Gill November 3rd, 2016

Episode 42- Interview With Sunil Mangwani

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Sunil Mangwani is a Physics graduate with a Diploma in Financial Management. He has been consulting & trading the forex market since the last 15 years and d...

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