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About me

Hi there! My name is Raman Gill.

I started this site to bring structure and discipline to my trading and share my experiences in the journey to becoming a consistent and profitable trader with others. This is the stuff that they don’t teach you in the courses. I believe trading requires a whole lot more than technical and fundamental analysis.

I have been trading on and off for about 7 years. I believe I have been through all the emotions one can go through during this time. I have felt the highs of making thousands of dollars a day to accumulating profits and building up an account that I was proud of. I have also been on the other side and blown a couple of decent size accounts. I have felt the despair of holding a losing trade as it went from hundreds of dollars to thousands because I was too afraid to get out of it. I truly thought the market was going to reverse;).

I have made every mistake you can think of including trading without a stop loss, risking too much, revenge trading, entering the trade before a major event then watching the market take me out of my trade (with slippage of-course) and reversing as I soon as I got taken out, trying to will the market to move in my direction, hoping and praying for my trades to work out. If you can name it, I have probably done it.

You see, I am born rule beaker. I am rebellious to my very core. You tell me a rule and I would break it before you have had the chance to finish the sentence. However, things changed for me once I had kids. Suddenly, I realized, if I wanted todo everything I was passionate about like trading, playing Ultimate Frisbee, hanging out with friends and spending quality time with my family, I had to be structured and efficient at everything that I did.Disclaimer: I did not arrive at this conclusion easily. I butted heads with and struggled at everything, trying to balance competing priorities. I can’t say I do everything perfectly, even now, but I am getting better at it.

I have come to realize that the more structure I have, the more freedom it affords me. It takes the pressure of thinking about trading off my mind. I know what to do, when to do it and how to do it. I know, as long as I follow the structure/process, I will get the results that I want. I also know I will never win all my trades. No one ever does. And I am okay with it. As long as I am following my process, I will get the results I want.

This is my journey of creating consistent, profitable results from my forex trading and I would love to share it with you. Let’s support each other and becoming profitable by taking a structured and disciplined approach to trading so that we may create the life we want for ourselves and our families!

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